Dancer These Days

by El Toro de la Muerte

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Released Oct 1st, 2011


released October 1, 2011

Recorded at 1620 Studios
Engineered by JD Feighner
All songs written by El Toro de la Muerte



all rights reserved


El Toro de la Muerte Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Drawing on power pop and ’90s alt rock, the record’s seven solid tracks suggest influences as diverse as the Police, Pavement and the Shins, with the kind of expert musicianship that allows the seasoned quartet to pull it all off. Above all, though, “Dance These Days” has the kind of urgency and playfulness that comes from a band that knows its game."

Eryc Eyle - Denver Post
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Track Name: Dancer
Let's kill the lights again, and paint the walls in glass and reflection. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a dancer these days with two left feet. I've got no after plans. Let's just stay here and dance. But, what do I know? I'm just a dancer these days with two left feet. Back in my day, I could move my feet with the best of them and my knees they wouldn't shake and my ankles wont give way. And the girls still come around now just to try to go my way. Catch the glory before it fades. And my heart beats like an instrument afraid to let me down. Yeah, the girls still come around but I can't make peace with the clock's disease now. Let's kill the lights again and paint the walls in glass and reflection. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a dancer these days with two left feet.
Track Name: Things In My Head
I never felt so bad to feel so bad. The things in my head that I said. Well you heard what I said. And I never looked so bad. I look so bad. The way that I did my face. Well, you saw my face and you'd say that everything's okay, but I beg to differ. Yeah, everything's okay. I can see it on your face. Now I could never comprehend for what it's worth, a gesture with open ends and empty words. But you could never pass a compliment without a slight. You never learned to regret or to apologize. And when I left out my wounds for all to see, how could you let'em bleed so long and so openly.

We could pretend that that was not what you had meant but everybody knows. You never were the one to let it go and if it ends. It's only because I chose to let it end when everybody knows. You never were the type to offer up the olive branch.
Track Name: The Chattering of Rats
Take one down but don't pass it around. Just wear it like a cheap cologne. Still I respect your character defects for they are so much like my own. And pay no mind to the chattering of rats. Their little teeth ground to the gums. For each one's nose is buried in a rose to hide the foul stench from their lungs. No it's no so amazing. It's not the sweetest sound, finally to be lost only to be found again.They talk about you as if you're not in the room. As if you were on display like a picture of Dorian Gray. What's making you sick is the ice in your glass as it diluted your drink and it's power is sapped.
Track Name: Records
Well I think I'm gonna sell off all my records today. I wanna the music to stop but the feelings to stay. And I aint even got a table for them to play. Just got a nasty little habit hanging on to things. Now in that pit down in your stomach where the fire still burns. That crack inside your heart where the screw still turns. Where the teeth inside the gears all line up as they should. I'd ask you if you'd wanna dance and you would say you would. Time insists that people change but I want it. I want to always feel the same and the sound that's in my head rang out so loud that it shook us dead. And it felt for a second like everything was trapped in records and old picture frames but I know now. I know now. Know now. It's dead.
Track Name: God Alone
Across and ocean of light I caught your eye, and you asked my name, and I lied but I'm not sure why. God alone couldn't save me from myself or anybody else. God alone is how I'm stranded here all by myself. Knowing all along this wont end well. I find myself here just by chance. No miracle of circumstance. No intervention. And how you moved among those lights. A fleet of stars to help you guide but the current was so strong. And we left our lives. We went to sea. We left our wives our families. We lift our spirits with the sails. We hope the best when nature fails and how I wanted to believe. How I wanted to believe?
Track Name: Animals
Like an animal just pacing in a cage, I get restless when I look upon your face. But I must give chase as animals will do. So I'm sharpening up my claws just pacing and picturing being on top of you. Shallow graves. It's how I spend my days. Imagining. Perfecting my wicked ways. They always say, you grow warm to the blood you taste. As is the nature of such things when the hunter becomes the prey. Shallow graves. Like the one you dug for me. Imagining. An end so hard to see. Make it quick make it quiet. Keep it callous but clean. Lay me down like you've done so many others. Drain the life out of me.